Who we are

The Nevill Residents Good Neighbour Scheme has been running since 2017 to provide voluntary, neighbourly help for residents of the Nevill estate. All help is free, unless expenses such as car mileage, parking, etc have been incurred.

What we do

The kinds of assistance we can provide include:

  • lifts for medical appointments, shopping, etc
  • collection of prescriptions
  • small household tasks, eg. changing a light bulb, putting out the bins
  • shopping
  • help with letter writing, form filling, computers
  • help with pets
  • occasional popping in to relieve a carer, provide company

What we don’t do

We are not able to provide specialist services or play any role that should be undertaken by professional, qualified people. Nor are we able to offer assistance to those living outside the Nevill estate.

How to request our help

For assistance from the Nevill Residents Good Neighbour Scheme please text or call us on

07548 069063

and leave a message. We will get back to you the same day.

Or, you can email us


If you are new to the scheme, a volunteer will visit to take simple registration details and review your needs. If you are already registered with us, your request will be passed on to a volunteer who will get back to you to make final arrangements.

How to become a volunteer

Please call us on the above number to tell us you are interested. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Useful resources to help you through Covid19

We’ve collected together some resources to help you get through the Covid19 emergency. Firstly, there are some useful sources of information on obtaining help, supplies, and services locally. Secondly, there are some text and video posts to help keep you fit, well, and connected to your loved ones and community.

Local resources

LewesCoronavirusVolunteers (LCV)

We are linked in with the town-wide group Lewes Coronavirus Volunteers (find them on Facebook: facebook.com/groups/LewesCoronavirusVolunteers/). We can call on them for additional resources, including a Foodbank Lewes Foodbank and other supplies.

Local Traders

Local businesses who are still trading as of 26th March are listed here Local businesses

The fruit and veg men from the stall in town are now doing home delivery as per this link  https://lewes.co.uk/vegboxes/

The neighbourhood networking website/app Nextdoor is a great place to look for local resources – food and other suppliers have posted that they can do local deliveries and many others have posted how they can be of help to those in need.

Mount Harry Stores

People can call Bobby – manager at Premier, in Mount Harry Road on the Nevill – on 01273 473776 or 07479 500900. He can take an order over the phone, bag it and deliver between 8pm and 10pm. Preference to do this for urgent/isolation need. £10 min spend.
Payments from home: cash payment at the door – he can call the customer with the bill so they can have the cash ready/leave on doorstep.
– online bank transfer prior to delivery. Once a payment is made, the customer can take a screen shot of their online receipt / confirmation of Bacs payment and whatsapp it to him. Then he can deliver. Presumably not the easiest for many NGN clients though!
If he needs help with delivery /shopping orders he will advise the customer to call Nevill Good Neighbours. He has your flyers in the shop for people to take.( I explained that NGN will find a volunteer in their team to arrange the shopping trip / delivery needed. He advised that volunteers should be 18yrs or over due to potential of ordering alcohol.)
Newspaper deliveries:
People can call the shop to set up delivery to their house. Any paper can be ordered in. Papers are delivered between 8 and 8.30am. Sundays around 9am. Might be worth mentioning that the paper boy is using gloves on his rounds.
It seems that payment arrangements are made on an individual basis and currently most people pay weekly by coming in the shop or leaving money in an envelope to be picked up by delivery person. Bacs may also be possible here.
Costs of newspaper delivery are:
Papers delivered 1 or 2 times a week: £1 weekly + daily cost of paper
Papers delivered 3-7 times a week: £2.90 weekly + daily cost of paper
He also offered to reserve papers at the shop for free if people couldn’t afford delivery fee.

Other Services

The East Sussex Library Service are now offering an e-Library

ESCC have issued the following transport bulletin for the Lewes area:


Other resources

The BBC have produced a simple guide to video calling BBC guide to video calling.

To keep your spirits up while we are all confined, check out our post from a Chinese citizen on how they made the most of their lockdown Light at the end of the tunnel.

Our NHS have produced and exercise video to help keep you fit NHS exercise video

Health advice about Covid19 is presented in our post Here to support you through Covid19

Light at the end of the tunnel

This is from a teacher in China reflecting on lock down. It’s really nice. Definitely worth a read … gives hope.
We are just finishing our 7th week of E-Learning, seven weeks of being mainly housebound and seven weeks of uncertainty. We are healthy, we are happy, and we are humbled.
We are allowed to move around freely now with a green QR code that we show when we get our temperature taken. You get your temperature taken everywhere, and it’s just become part of the routine. Most restaurants and shopping centres are now open, and life is coming back to our city.
As we watch the rest of the world begin their time inside; here are some of my reflections on the last seven weeks:
1. Accept that you have no control over the situation. Let go of any thoughts of trying to plan too much for the next month or two. Things change so fast. Don’t be angry and annoyed at the system. Anxiety goes down, and you make the best of the situation – whatever that might be for you. Accept that this is what it is and things will get easier.
2. Try not to listen to/read/watch too much media. It WILL drive you crazy. There is a thing as too much!
3. The sense of community I have felt during this time is incredible. I could choose who I wanted to spend my energy on – who I wanted to call, message and connect with and found the quality of my relationships has improved.
4. Appreciate this enforced downtime. When do you ever have time like this? I will miss it when we go back to the fast-paced speed of the ‘real world’.
5. Time goes fast. I still haven’t picked up the ukelele I planned to learn, and there are box set TV shows I haven’t watched yet.
6. As a teacher, the relationships I have built with my students have only continued to grow. I have loved seeing how independent they are; filming themselves to respond to tasks while also learning essential life skills such as balance, risk-taking and problem-solving, that even we as adults are still learning.
7. You learn to appreciate the little things; sunshine through the window, flowers blossoming and being able to enjoy a coffee in a cafe.
To those just beginning this journey, You will get through it. Listen to what you are told, follow the rules and look out for each other. There is light at the end of the tunnel

Here to support you through Covid19

Stop Press

We are able to continue helping you through the three week period of the latest government restrictions on movement. Our volunteers are permitted to go out for shopping, prescription collection, and other assistance for those unable to help themselves.

We are here for you

If you are a Nevill resident, we are here to help you through the Covid19 emergency. Under the latest government guidelines, we are able to help you with essential needs such as shopping, prescriptions, dealing with important correspondence, caring for pets, and simple tasks to keep your home running where feasible.

We are also aware that, if you are self-isolating, you may feel particularly vulnerable and in need of friendship. We are ramping up our efforts to be able to support you in an appropriate and safe way. Contact with you is possible provided we do not come into your home. It is possible for us to obtain and deliver items to you and leave them on your doorstep. We can visit the outside of your home. We can phone you for a chat. And for those of you who use them, we can be in touch with you by email or video call or social media. 

We have listed some other useful resources that may help you in our post Useful resources to help you through Covid19

How we are operating

Our volunteers have been told to be self-aware, and if they have symptoms that could be the virus or if they have recently been out of the country, they are not to offer to meet any requests for help (other than those they can satisfy from their own home). This is to keep you safe.

Similarly, if you have the symptoms, or believe you may have had the virus and recovered, or have recently returned home from abroad, or have been instructed to self-isolate, please tell us. This does not mean we will refuse your request, but it will enable us to meet it in a way that enables us to keep both you and us safe.


This is a time when our whole community is pulling together, and we know of several groups and individuals that are offering support. We are working to link in with them, especially the town-wide group Lewes Coronavirus Volunteers (find them on Facebook: facebook.com/groups/LewesCoronavirusVolunteers/). 

All Good Neighbour volunteers are trained and DBS checked, and so that you may know they are genuine, they will be carrying a badge like this:

20200317_143516We are aware, sadly, of a number of scams, mostly online, by bogus ‘health’ and other organisations, whose sole aim is to exploit the vulnerability of those in need because of Covid19. If you are in any doubt, take advice before agreeing to or paying for anything.

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 19.12.22

You can contact Nevill Good Neighbours anytime

Call us on 07548 069063

Email us at nevillgoodneighbours@gmail.com

General Advice

The government and your GP service are issuing the advice you need. Here is a brief summary of the main things to be aware of.

Infection Precautions

Avoid physical contact with others

If you go out, wash your hands in hot soapy water for 20 seconds before leaving home, and after returning

Carry tissues

Avoid unnecessary touching of objects, surfaces, your own face


Do I have Covid19?

If you have a new, continuous dry cough with no runny nose and a high temperature, you may have Covid19, and you should follow the government’s latest guidelines on self-isolation. 

Below is a comparison of Covid19, Cold and Flu symptoms. This may reassure if you are unwell but do not have Covid19. However, if you have the symptoms then, even if you believe it is not Covid19, you should self-isolate to avoid possibly infecting others.

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 10.56.46

Annual Report 2018-19



We have now been running for two years and the scheme is being used
increasingly frequently. In our first year (2017/2018) we answered 105
requests for help and this year (2018/2019) this has increased to165, and may even have been under recorded. This shows a minimum increase of 57%. Requests for lifts remain our most frequent form of help.


We have not needed to meet as frequently as we did in our first year because the scheme is running smoothly, although we email one another when
matters need to be discussed. Considerable thanks are due to our secretary, Sue, who writes detailed minutes which are always produced within hours of each meeting.


Action in Rural Sussex (AIRS) organised regular network meetings for all the local good neighbour schemes, where experiences and ideas were
exchanged and training offered. We hosted a Falls Prevention Course at St Mary’s Church Hall, which was attended by several members of the Ringmer Good Neighbour Scheme as well as some of our own members.

Readers of Lewes News will have noticed that Jane Goyder is interested in starting up a GNS in the Southover area and Nevill GNS has offered support. Someone living in the Wallands area also contacted us for information and is interested in doing the same.


Enormous thanks to all our volunteers who provide such important and
valuable support. We have a core group of around twenty volunteers and,
although there have been several enquiries from prospective new volunteers, none has progressed any further, despite follow up calls and emails. Thank you Felicity-Ann for both looking after volunteers and keeping records up to date. Many thanks are due to all who act as phone holder on a monthly basis, and particular thanks go to John, who has decided to step down; fortunately he is willing to continue as a committee member, as we value both his expertise and humour. We continue to receive appreciative thanks from our users, particularly those who use the service frequently.

The website continues to provide important information and has been visited by several care professionals looking to network and access support for clients. Comments from users have been complimentary. Thank you Mike for your web mastery and general technical support.


Our Treasurer, Simmy, has provided a separate financial report which details our income and expenditure for the year. Thank you for keeping a close eye on our finances and for arranging for our accounts to be independently
examined. A donation from St Anne’s church and cash donations from several private individuals have increased our balance significantly. When DBS checks come up for renewal within the next year, we will have funds ready to pay for them.


Kate has been active in publicising our scheme by: sending a write up of our first AGM and an article from Sheila Kay to the Sussex Express; sharing our leaflet on Facebook (attracting several likes and shares); having an article
included in January’s Lewes News; putting up posters in the shop and at St Mary’s Church Hall; and advertising today’s AGM on Nextdoor and the Lewes Facebook page. Thank you for being so proactive.


Frances successfully applied for grants to ESCC which provide important funding for our running costs, largely insurance, publicity, DBS checks, website and phone. Thank you for taking on the unenviable job of extensive form filling and for gathering together important data.


AIRS have invited all members of local GNSs to a get together in the Lecture Room of the Town Hall (first entrance in Fisher Street, room on the left at the top of the stairs, there is a lift) on Wednesday 12th June, 7-10 pm, where refreshments will be provide. All are welcome, lifts available if needed.

Penny Ollosson

Continue reading “Annual Report 2018-19”

Privacy Notice

Nevill Residents Good Neighbour Scheme

Personal Data Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice tells you:

the personal data we hold on you
what we do with your personal data
your rights under the Data Protection rules
additional use of your personal data if you become a Volunteer

You may obtain copies of this Privacy Notice from the website:


The personal data we hold on you

When you make a request for assistance from the Good Neighbour Scheme, either by phone or email, you provide us with personal data. We hold this information, together with any other information we may have asked you for, in order to manage your request.

What we do with your personal data

This personal data which we hold on you is kept by our volunteer staff: the rotating phone holder, and volunteers fulfilling your request. It is kept confidential from all others, and is held securely.

Your Data Protection rights

The Data Protection legislation grants you the following rights in regard to the personal data we hold on you:

to be informed (this Privacy Notice)
to have access
to have any of the information amended
to have any of the information erased
to restrict how we may use the information and who we may disclose it to
to have an electronic copy of the information
to remove a consent you have granted for us to use your information in a particular way

You may exercise these rights at any time by contacting us using our requests phone number or email.:


If you are one of our Volunteers your name, address and contact details will be disclosed to the Phone Holders and used to inform you of requests and information relevant to Volunteers.


In summary, NRGNS will ensure your personal data is:

used fairly and lawfully;
kept accurate and up to date;
used for limited, stated purposes;
used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive;
kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary;
handled according to your Data Protection rights;
kept safe and secure.

1 May 2019

Peace of Mind

By stepping in to visit my Mum every day, Nevill Good Neighbours allowed me to take a few days break, WITH PEACE OF MIND. Mum enjoyed meeting her Nevill neighbours and having a chat, knowing that if help was needed they would do their best for her.