Shopping and Banking for others


Remember to agree the following arrangements with the client:

  • obtaining their shopping list
  • use of a bag, and it’s collection or return
  • payment for the shopping

Tesco & Iceland

Please find below information about two supermarket delivery schemes that the Councils are trialling, in partnership with the Department of Environment & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Tesco & Iceland.

The Tesco scheme is already up and running and arrangements for the Iceland trial are being finalised and will launched shortly.

The schemes are targeted at a meeting the longer term needs of a wider range of vulnerable customers, who are unable to benefit from the provision being made for the tier 1 ‘shielded’ residents.  This group includes both individuals and households who are unable to access food because they are self-isolating at home or because they are following enhanced social distancing rules. Those able to benefit from the trial must be able to pay for their orders and be comfortable using online shopping.

Access to each of the schemes operated via direct referral form the Community Hub only, so please ask any customers that you feel fit the criteria to contact the Council by calling:

  • Lewes district:     01273 099956
  • Eastbourne:          01323 679722

The Community Hub team will check there eligibility and make the referral as appropriate.

Tesco referrals

  • Operates – across Lewes District & Eastbourne Borough
  • Status – up and running
  • Must be existing Tesco customer – hold a Tesco Club Card / online shopping account
  • Once a referral is received from the Community Hub, Tesco will e-mail a delivery slot direct to the customer.
  • Customer places order on Tesco website.

Iceland referrals

  • Operates – across standard delivery areas form local stores (customers should check with stores in Eastbourne, Brighton or Burgess Hill)
  • Status – launching shortly
  • Once a referral is received from the Community Hub, Iceland will provide a priority access code to customer
  • Customer places order on Iceland website.


Lewes Waitrose have a pilot scheme the store is running to provide next day delivery of essential items to vulnerable customers who are unable to come in and shop.

The broad overview of the process is:

  1. Customer or their representative / carer to phone the Lewes branch on 01273 486 286 – choose option 6
  2. Tell store which of four pre-set options that cover store cupboard and fruit and vegetables (Essential Food package, Essential Vegan Package, Essential Gluten Free Package, and an Essential Non Food Package) they wish to purchase.
  3. Branch to take the customers details, assemble the order, phone the customer back and take payment securely over the phone
  4. Branch, supported by John Lewis, will arrange deliver to home address within 24 hours, or for the customer, their rep / carer to collect package from branch ‘contact free’.

Please note that the Lewes town centre is the only store in Lewes District / Eastbourne offering this pilot project at this time.


Nat West have a Companion Card for customers in vulnerable situations or extended isolation. This can be given to trusted helpers as a secure, quick and easy way to pay for shopping. Call them on 0800 051 4176.

Taking out cash

Please see details below from a recent BBC article regarding volunteers taking out cash for clients. Please note any volunteer handling cash will need an enhanced DBS check with the regulated activity check.

‘Anyone who cannot leave home may be able to ask a trusted friend or volunteer to withdraw cash at any Post Office using a single-use voucher.

The Post Office scheme is being extended and offered to all banks, building societies and credit unions.

If the bank allows it, someone can ask for a one-time barcode sent via text, email or post for a stipulated amount.

A trusted friend or volunteer can exchange the voucher for the cash requested.

Previously, only a named individual, such as a carer, could collect cash in this way on someone’s behalf. Now any trusted neighbour or volunteer can do so.

The idea of the Payout Now scheme is to allow people who are shielded or self-isolating, mainly elderly, to maintain access to cash without having to hand over a debit card and Pin to somebody else.

They tell their bank exactly how much they want to withdraw from their account, up to a limit set by the bank, and allow a family member, trusted friend or volunteer to collect it on their behalf in exchange for the voucher.

A service that allows vulnerable customers to contact their bank and arrange to cash a cheque at a Post Office branch is also being sped up.

Under the Fast PACE system, the customer should contact their bank and check they can use the service. They would then write a cheque to “The Post Office”, print the name on the back of the cheque of the person collecting it for them and sign that side too.

That individual can then collect the cash from a Post Office branch after their ID is verified. At its fastest, the whole process from the initial call to the cash being collected could take a day.


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