Useful resources to help you through Covid19

We’ve collected together some resources to help you get through the Covid19 emergency. Firstly, there are some useful sources of information on obtaining help, supplies, and services locally. Secondly, there are some text and video posts to help keep you fit, well, and connected to your loved ones and community.

Local resources

LewesCoronavirusVolunteers (LCV)

We are linked in with the town-wide group Lewes Coronavirus Volunteers (find them on Facebook: We can call on them for additional resources, including a Foodbank Lewes Foodbank and other supplies.

Local Traders

Local businesses who are still trading as of 26th March are listed here Local businesses

The fruit and veg men from the stall in town are now doing home delivery as per this link

The neighbourhood networking website/app Nextdoor is a great place to look for local resources – food and other suppliers have posted that they can do local deliveries and many others have posted how they can be of help to those in need.

Mount Harry Stores

People can call Bobby – manager at Premier, in Mount Harry Road on the Nevill – on 01273 473776 or 07479 500900. He can take an order over the phone, bag it and deliver between 8pm and 10pm. Preference to do this for urgent/isolation need. £10 min spend.
Payments from home: cash payment at the door – he can call the customer with the bill so they can have the cash ready/leave on doorstep.
– online bank transfer prior to delivery. Once a payment is made, the customer can take a screen shot of their online receipt / confirmation of Bacs payment and whatsapp it to him. Then he can deliver. Presumably not the easiest for many NGN clients though!
If he needs help with delivery /shopping orders he will advise the customer to call Nevill Good Neighbours. He has your flyers in the shop for people to take.( I explained that NGN will find a volunteer in their team to arrange the shopping trip / delivery needed. He advised that volunteers should be 18yrs or over due to potential of ordering alcohol.)
Newspaper deliveries:
People can call the shop to set up delivery to their house. Any paper can be ordered in. Papers are delivered between 8 and 8.30am. Sundays around 9am. Might be worth mentioning that the paper boy is using gloves on his rounds.
It seems that payment arrangements are made on an individual basis and currently most people pay weekly by coming in the shop or leaving money in an envelope to be picked up by delivery person. Bacs may also be possible here.
Costs of newspaper delivery are:
Papers delivered 1 or 2 times a week: £1 weekly + daily cost of paper
Papers delivered 3-7 times a week: £2.90 weekly + daily cost of paper
He also offered to reserve papers at the shop for free if people couldn’t afford delivery fee.

Other Services

The East Sussex Library Service are now offering an e-Library

ESCC have issued the following transport bulletin for the Lewes area:


Other resources

Nevill Residents Association have a comprehensive new  website with a great deal of useful local information. Covd19 topics include businesses providing deliveries and takeaways, and learning at home.

The BBC have produced a simple guide to video calling BBC guide to video calling.

To keep your spirits up while we are all confined, check out our post from a Chinese citizen on how they made the most of their lockdown Light at the end of the tunnel.

Our NHS have produced and exercise video to help keep you fit NHS exercise video

Health advice about Covid19 is presented in our post Here to support you through Covid19

ESCC have produced a guide on helping vulnerable adults during the crisis Safeguarding Adults

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