Here to support you through Covid19

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We are able to continue helping you during the government restrictions on movement. Our volunteers are permitted to go out for shopping, prescription collection, and other assistance for those unable to help themselves. We are not able to give lifts. Surgeries will collect patients if requested.

We are here for you

If you are a Nevill resident, we are here to help you through the Covid19 emergency. Under the latest government guidelines, we are able to help you with essential needs such as shopping, prescriptions, dealing with important correspondence, caring for pets, and simple tasks to keep your home running where feasible.

We are also aware that, if you are self-isolating, you may feel particularly vulnerable and in need of friendship. We are ramping up our efforts to be able to support you in an appropriate and safe way. Contact with you is possible provided we do not come into your home. It is possible for us to obtain and deliver items to you and leave them on your doorstep. We can visit the outside of your home. We can phone you for a chat. And for those of you who use them, we can be in touch with you by email or video call or social media. 

We have listed some other useful resources that may help you in our post Useful resources to help you through Covid19

How we are operating

Our volunteers have been told to be self-aware, and if they have symptoms that could be the virus or if they have recently been out of the country, they are not to offer to meet any requests for help (other than those they can satisfy from their own home). This is to keep you safe.

Similarly, if you have the symptoms, or believe you may have had the virus and recovered, or have recently returned home from abroad, or have been instructed to self-isolate, please tell us. This does not mean we will refuse your request, but it will enable us to meet it in a way that enables us to keep both you and us safe.


This is a time when our whole community is pulling together, and we know of several groups and individuals that are offering support. We are working to link in with them, especially the town-wide group Lewes Coronavirus Volunteers (find them on Facebook: 

All Good Neighbour volunteers are trained and DBS checked, and so that you may know they are genuine, they will be carrying a badge like this:


If you have any concerns about whether a person is a genuine Good Neighbour volunteer, you can call the phone line, giving their name, and we will check them against our records.

We are aware, sadly, of a number of scams, mostly online, by bogus ‘health’ and other organisations, whose sole aim is to exploit the vulnerability of those in need because of Covid19. If you are in any doubt, take advice before agreeing to or paying for anything.

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 19.12.22

You can contact Nevill Good Neighbours anytime

Call us on 07548 069063

Email us at

General Advice

The government and your GP service are issuing the advice you need. Here is a brief summary of the main things to be aware of.

Infection Precautions

Avoid physical contact with others

If you go out, wash your hands in hot soapy water for 20 seconds before leaving home, and after returning

Carry tissues

Avoid unnecessary touching of objects, surfaces, your own face


Do I have Covid19?

If you have a new, continuous dry cough with no runny nose and a high temperature, you may have Covid19, and you should follow the government’s latest guidelines on self-isolation. 

Below is a comparison of Covid19, Cold and Flu symptoms. This may reassure if you are unwell but do not have Covid19. However, if you have the symptoms then, even if you believe it is not Covid19, you should self-isolate to avoid possibly infecting others.

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 10.56.46

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